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It's often said that the golden years of your life are the most enjoyable. For most older adults in the U.S., it's a time to unwind, reflect, and live in the comfort of familiar surroundings. And that's how it should be - most senior citizens in America worked hard to build a better economy, serve their communities, and raise their families. Shouldn't they be able to age with grace and dignity at home?

The answer is undoubtedly "yes," but as seniors age, they sometimes need assistance to live independently. Unfortunately, many older adults are unable to rely on adult children for help due to busy schedules, a lack of expertise, or both. That's where Mind & Mobility's home care in Naples, FL begins to make a lot of sense.

Our in-home care services cater to those who want to stay in their homes as they age but require ongoing care that their loved ones cannot provide. Nowadays, most seniors prefer to live away from long-term care facilities and closer to their home where they feel most at ease.

If you or your senior loved one wants to thrive in their own house and avoid care facilities, in-home care is an effective, safe way to give family and friends the care they need when they need it the most.

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Home Care Naples, FL

The Mind & Mobility Difference

Mind & Mobility is a home care agency that takes pride in helping seniors enjoy life at home with grace and comfort. One of the biggest reasons why so many seniors and their families choose us is that our senior caregivers in Naples, FL, do more than just change bedsheets and prepare meals. They make it a point to provide compassionate care and connect with patients on a personal level.

Instead of eliminating independence from our senior population in Florida, we believe in maximizing it - a goal that's not always supported by assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In fact, those locations are often overpriced, understaffed, and known for the spread of disease. Senior care from Mind & Mobility provides a more emotionally and financially relieving option, whether you need a little help around the house or more involved services like companion care or dementia care.

While we take pride in providing compassionate caregiving services for seniors at home, we also offer clients free access to our Mind & Mobility Homecare Center in South Florida. Here, your senior can receive treatment from therapists who are experts in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Our therapists work collaboratively in a supportive environment, taking into consideration the client's needs and concerns. They combine their expertise with the latest research in their fields to deliver cutting-edge, evidence-based services. With unlimited access to one-on-one sessions, our therapists' top priority is to help seniors live and age gracefully at home without having to relocate to an assisted living facility.

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What is Senior Care in Naples, FL?

Many older adults in the United States prefer to age at home, as it offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity. According to an AARP report, three out of four adults aged 50 and above wish to stay in their homes and communities as they age.

However, as adults approach their 60s and 70s, some may require assistance around the house, especially when family members are too busy or live far away. The truth is that the natural process of aging can make it challenging to continue living at home. Simple tasks like running errands become more difficult due to mobility issues. Preparing healthy meals and keeping track of medications and appointments can also become a challenge. Safety becomes a concern, and family members may worry about the well-being of their loved ones.

In these situations, in-home care is often a perfect fit. It allows seniors to enjoy personal independence while also receiving trustworthy assistance from a trained caregiver.

Mind & Mobility provides a comprehensive range of home care services to help seniors stay healthy while they receive the help they need to remain independent. If you have a senior loved one who needs some extra help to stay happy and healthy, giving them the gift of senior care is one of the best ways to show your love, even from afar.

Some of the most common home care services offered at Mind & Mobility include.

  • Light Housekeeping
  • Nutrition Monitoring
  • Assistance with Technology
  • Meal Preparation
  • Dressing, Bathing, & Grooming
  • Medication Reminders
  • Laundry Services
  • Activity Escorts
  • Much More
 Senior Care Naples, FL
 In-home Care Naples, FL

Did You Know?

U.S. adults over the age of 60 have a 59% higher chance of being unable to perform daily routines and activities if they're lonely.

Our in-home care services are covered by medical insurance, long-term care policies, and private pay. Members have the freedom to choose their own caregiver and can benefit from unlimited physical and occupational therapy, regular visits from a registered nurse, and care management from a licensed clinical social worker.

Curious if home care in Naples, FL is right for you or your older loved one? Contact our office in Florida today for a no-pressure discovery call to learn more. If you or your loved one is ready to live life to the fullest, getting in-home care from Mind & Mobility is a quick, easy three-step process.

1. Speak to a Care Representative

One of our skilled care representatives will speak with you in person or over the phone and help you select the best home care plan to keep your loved one happy at home.

  Senior Caregivers Naples, FL

2. Go Over Your Care Plan

A local care professional from Mind & Mobility will travel to your home and sit with you one-on-one to discuss the details of your care plan.

 Companion Care Naples, FL

3. Thrive from the Comfort of Home

Once your care plan is selected, you will have the pleasure of watching your senior loved one enjoy an independent life at home with the help of a compassionate caregiver.

Home Care Naples, FL

Companion Care You Can Count On

Aging in place refers to the practice of aging adults living in their homes as they grow old. Studies show that around 77% of retirees prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible, and home care can be an excellent way to bridge the gap between receiving elder care and staying at home.

Allowing your aging loved ones to maintain their independence is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. This can contribute to their overall health and well-being, as opposed to a living facility where they may feel powerless and depressed. Unfortunately, these facilities often take away a senior's ability to do simple things like cooking for themselves, scheduling visits with family and friends, and even bathing in the comfort of their own homes.

Home care in Naples, FL, including companion care services, is designed to provide both medical and non-medical solutions that your senior needs in order to maintain their independence. That way, your senior doesn't have to destabilize their life or adjust to a new way of living away from home.

Mind & Mobility companion care incorporates a number of different services, including.

  • Spending Time with Your Senior
  • Conversation
  • Homemaking Support
  • Planning Outings
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Help with Nutrition
  • Staying Active
  • Memory Skills and Games
  • Running Errands
  • More

Getting Started with Companion Care from Mind & Mobility

To learn more about our companion care services, you can contact any of our nine locations in Florida to request a care consultation with one of our representatives. During your consultation, we'll assess your needs to ensure that we provide the right caregiver at the right time to meet your specific requirements.

Doing so helps us ensure that we get it right the first time. We'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the team of senior home companions who will provide you with companion care services in Florida.

Need home care companion services on short notice? As a respected senior care business with more than a decade of experience, we have access to a large pool of senior caregivers in Naples, FL who would be happy to provide you or your senior with last-minute support.

 Senior Care Naples, FL

Take a Break with RespiteCare Services from Mind & Mobility

Taking care of a senior loved one can be a tiring and overwhelming task, particularly if the caregiver is employed full-time and has other responsibilities to handle. Taking care of an older adult in such a situation can result in caregiver burnout, which can lead to a decline in the quality of care provided and even illness. To combat this issue, many adult caregivers choose respite care as a solution instead of full-time home care in Naples, FL.

According to AARP, more than 53 million adults in the United States provide care to someone aged 50 or older. Unfortunately, many of these caregivers experience stress, fatigue, and even depression.

Respite care services offer a short-term break to family members and unpaid caregivers from their caregiving duties. This is a crucial service that benefits both seniors and their caregivers and can be arranged for a few hours or even several days, depending on their requirements.

What are the Benefits of Respite Care from Mind & Mobility?

Respite care services can have a significantly positive impact on the health of your elderly loved one, as well as your own. Whether it's for an extended period of time or just a few hours a week, respite care can help ease the burden of caregiving.

Taking some time off for yourself may seem selfish at first, but it's crucial to recharge your batteries to be able to continue providing care. Taking a short (or longer-term) break can also improve the overall quality of your care. Plus, professional respite care services offer your senior an opportunity to learn from and engage with a compassionate caregiver from Mind & Mobility.

 In-home Care Naples, FL

Some of the most common caregiving services provided by our respite care professionals include.

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Help with Dressing and Grooming
  • Bathing Assistance
  • More

Our respite care services in Florida are typically offered on a temporary basis. However, we also serve many clients who require assistance on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on their specific needs. We recognize that care needs and schedules can be subject to change, and we strive to be flexible in our approach to ensure that your and your family's needs are met.

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Three Hurdles That Family Caregivers Face

Caring for your aging parents can be a fulfilling act of love. As you reminisce about the care they gave you while growing up, you now have the opportunity to return the favor. However, providing care for loved ones can be challenging. It's important to anticipate the obstacles you may face and learn how to manage them to protect your own health and well-being.

Here are three of the toughest challenges that family caregivers have to face when caring for their senior parents or loved ones.

Enough Support

Not Enough Support

It's common to feel like you're carrying the majority of the burden when it comes to taking care of your aging parents. However, assuming that you are solely responsible for their care can be overwhelming and cause strain in other relationships. It's important to remember that caring for someone else is not a one-person job. Attempting to do so can lead to burnout, depression, and other serious health issues. It can also negatively impact the level of care your parents receive.

Enough Sleep

Not Enough Sleep

Interrupted sleep can be a problem for older adults whose circadian clock has shifted, leading them to wake up more frequently throughout the night. It can also be a result of stress and worry. If dementia is a factor, you may need to stay alert due to sundowning and wandering. Those tasks can be difficult and require a sharp mind that has had plenty of rest. In fact, getting enough sleep is crucial for your ability to provide the best care for your parents, as well as for your own physical and emotional well-being.

Enough Privacy

Not Enough Privacy

Sharing living space with your parents can compromise both your physical and emotional privacy. This is especially true if one or both of your parents have dementia, which can cause them to feel afraid or disoriented when you're not around. At the same time, your parents may also find it difficult to maintain their privacy while under your care.

That begs the question - how can you conquer the challenges that most family caregivers face on a daily basis?

In-Home Care in Naples, FL Helps Alleviate Your Burden

Mind & Mobility's in-home caregivers can be there to help you ensure the best care for your parents and a healthier life balance for yourself. Taking a break from caregiving is not just a great idea; it's essential.

Our respite care services offer you regular breaks from caregiving, which allows you to take care of yourself while enriching your parents' lives. We provide opportunities for socialization and engaging activities, along with the necessary support to ensure safety and comfort. You can rest easy knowing that your parents are in the best of hands while you take a break.


Compassionate Care When You Need It the Most

At Mind & Mobility Home Care, we take pride in our commitment to helping older adults maintain a high-quality life. Our team of senior caregivers cares deeply about the well-being of our clients and works together to craft personalized services that are backed by research and experience.

Our home care services are designed to support clients in various ways. Whether it's recovering from hip surgery, preventing falls, enhancing cognitive abilities through brain training, or pursuing new hobbies, you can rest easy knowing we have your senior's health and happiness at heart.

Of course, every one of our clients has their own unique needs and goals, and we adjust their levels of care accordingly. But one aspect of our home care services never changes - and that's the compassionate care we provide to seniors so that they may remain independent.

Contact Mind & Mobility today to take the first step toward aging gracefully at home. We'll be there by your side every step of the way.

Latest News in Naples, FL

Small Plane Crashes on Florida Highway

A small plane carrying five people crashed on Interstate 75 near Naples, Fla., on Friday afternoon, exploding in flames and killing two people, according to officials. They said that three of those onboard were able to get out of the plane.The plane, a Bombardier Challenger 600 series jet, crashed on the highway around 3:15 p.m., the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement. It was not immediately clear whether anyone on the...

A small plane carrying five people crashed on Interstate 75 near Naples, Fla., on Friday afternoon, exploding in flames and killing two people, according to officials. They said that three of those onboard were able to get out of the plane.

The plane, a Bombardier Challenger 600 series jet, crashed on the highway around 3:15 p.m., the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement. It was not immediately clear whether anyone on the ground was injured.

Preliminary information showed that the plane’s pilot had radioed that the aircraft had had a dual engine failure as it approached Naples Airport, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement on Friday. The agency said it would not comment on the cause of the crash during the early stages of its investigation.

Photos and video footage from the scene showed the aircraft’s fuselage in flames and a large plume of smoke billowing above the crash site.

By The New York Times

The aircraft departed from the Ohio State University Airport in Columbus, Ohio, said Robin King, the director of communications for Naples Airport.

“They were scheduled to land about 3:15 here in Naples, and about two or three minutes before that, our tower received word from the pilots that they have, quote, lost both engines,” Ms. King said. “We don’t know exactly what that means. We lost contact.”

The plane crashed two to three miles from the airport, Ms. King said. Three of the five people on the airplane were able to get out of the airplane, she added.

An Ohio State University spokesman said that the plane was not affiliated with the university.

Brianna Walker, 26, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said in an interview on Friday that she was headed home from Fort Myers with her friend’s mother, who was driving southbound on Interstate 75, when they saw the plane crash.

“It looked like it was trying to hit the median,” Ms. Walker said. “It starts sliding across the highway, takes a car with it, the wing comes down, crushes another car and throws it into the median, and then it hits the concrete and immediately burst into flames.”

Ms. Walker took two videos of the crash, which she shared on social media. In one, the plane bursts into flames, and it appears as if someone was trying to flee the crash. In the immediate, chaotic, aftermath of the crash, Ms. Walker said, she struggled to tell whether people were able to get out of the plane.

Ms. Walker said that she and her friend’s mother feared that the plane would explode, so her friend’s mother drove onto the median to move around the plane.

“I said, ‘You have to drive now. It’s now or never,’” Ms. Walker said. “We just booked it.”

A six-mile stretch of the Interstate 75 will be closed for at least 24 hours, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and local officials encouraged people to avoid the area while the F.A.A. and the National Transportation Safety Board investigated. Florida Highway Patrol troopers were also at the scene.

More than two hours after the crash, highway cameras showed dozens of vehicles stuck in traffic, unable to get around several law enforcement vehicles at the scene.

The N.T.S.B. said that “several more” investigators were expected to arrive on Saturday to examine the crash. In its investigation, the agency said it would examine flight track data, aircraft maintenance records and weather reports.

The agency also said that it planned to look into the pilot’s license and flight experience, and anything the pilot did in the 72 hours before the crash that could have affected the pilot’s ability to fly a plane. The agency asked that anyone who witnessed the crash or took video to contact the agency.

The aircraft, which officials said had the registration number N823KD, was scheduled to travel to Fort Lauderdale from Naples on Friday afternoon, according to FlightAware, a flight tracking website.

A Challenger 604 with the registration number N823KD is listed as part of a fleet maintained by Hop-A-Jet Worldwide Jet Charter, a private jet travel company based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The jet can carry up to 12 passengers, according to the company.

Hop-A-Jet Worldwide Jet Charter confirmed in a statement on Friday that it leased the jet that crashed. The company said that it would help in the investigation and that it would not share the names of those involved in the crash.

“Our immediate concern is for the well-being of our passengers, crew members and their families,” the company said.

Susan C. Beachy contributed research.

'A phenomenal ride': May 1 marks 360 Market's last day, Seventh South Waterfront going in

A popular East Naples restaurant will transform in a few months.Effective May 1, Rebecca Maddox is leasing her 360 Market restaurant to Barry and Carolyn Larkin. The Larkins, who own Seventh South Craft Food + Drink, will turn it into Seventh South Waterfront, their second restaurant.The Larkin...

A popular East Naples restaurant will transform in a few months.

Effective May 1, Rebecca Maddox is leasing her 360 Market restaurant to Barry and Carolyn Larkin. The Larkins, who own Seventh South Craft Food + Drink, will turn it into Seventh South Waterfront, their second restaurant.

The Larkins aim to open in late summer while keeping their Old Naples restaurant open.

Maddox retains property ownership and continues helming Celebration Park next door. Across the street on Bayshore, she opened Rebecca’s Wine Bar in 2023 and moved the Market’s famous wine store to that location. She also helms The Maddox, a stunning new members-only club within the same complex as Rebecca’s.

Why the change?

As for 360 Market, “It's just time. I didn't realize that for 13 seasons, six days a week, every day from 8 a.m. to whenever we close, I've been here. The time went by quickly. I really love it, but I realized I started it in my late 50s, and now I'm 70,” said Maddox.

For the past six months, Maddox had been talking to various restaurateurs about taking 360’s space. Among the reasons she selected the Larkins? They share a hands-on work ethic similar to hers.

Since Hurricane Ian, the Larkins have faced several unknown factors about their Seventh Avenue restaurant, including possible redevelopment of the whole building where their lease ends in 2025.

The couple are big fans of 360 Market, a frequent lunch haunt for them.

“We talked to Rebecca about our situation. She opened her arms and opened the door to this opportunity. We've always had a great relationship. We felt blessed to be in the conversation with other restaurateurs. For her to choose us and being on Bayshore, it means a lot,” said Barry Larkin.

When Carolyn heard the news, she was excited, describing it as a pinch-me moment.

What to expect

The couple will continue to operate Seventh South.

Carolyn Larkin is tasked with décor renovations, fusing Seventh South’s style with their new waterfront location. That includes a magnificent new large bar, paintings by local artists and other cool accents that define their downtown space.

At the new space, the couple expects to open for lunch and dinner and keep their famous late-night offerings intact.

Not the end of an era

The Larkins and Maddox touted the neighborhood's camaraderie, where myriad offerings give visitors different options.

Arguably the neighborhood’s most famous cheerleader, Maddox said, “Bayshore is really a unique community. Folks might come here for breakfast, then I'll see them on a boat at Celebration Park, then I see them at Rebecca's at night. It's like they go out for every meal, but once they find us here, there's just a client-customer rotation and loyalty that I've never seen in my life. They might go to The Med or Ankrolab, but once they come to Bayshore and experience it, they're very comfortable with that.”

Restaurant profile:Catching up with Hyde N Chic's Andy Hyde, Naples first and last name in fine dining

Maddox describes her time at 360 as “a phenomenal ride,” leaving it with a heavy heart. One way Maddox is thanking her loyal longtime patrons is by resurrecting a deal that originally launched on opening day in 2012: through May 1, she’s offering $3 glasses of wine at 360 Market.

“I will miss this terribly, but I'm also happy that I can play a small part in helping Carolyn and Barry. I think they will contribute as much to Bayshore as I have.”

Top 5 things to do this weekend in Naples, Bonita: Studio Players comedy, free concert

Take a look: What's happening in March? Here's our events calendar.5. Laugh along with comedian Kevin HerreraComedian Kevin Herrera performs standup March 1-3 at Off The Hook Comedy Club, 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road, No. 1100. $28 general admission, plus a fee. 7 p.m.

Take a look: What's happening in March? Here's our events calendar.

5. Laugh along with comedian Kevin Herrera

Comedian Kevin Herrera performs standup March 1-3 at Off The Hook Comedy Club, 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road, No. 1100. $28 general admission, plus a fee. 7 p.m. or 239-389-6901.

4. Last call for art fairs

There's two this weekend to check out. The last Bonita Springs National Art Festival of the season is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3, at Riverside Park, 10451 Old 41 Road, downtown Bonita Springs. Free with suggested $5 donation. 239-495-8989 or And Art in the Park, presented by Naples Art Institute, is 10 a.m.-4 p.m. March 2 at Cambier Park, 755 8th Ave South, Naples. Free admission. More at

3. Free concert March 2 in Naples

Naples Dixieland Jazzmasters perform 2-4 p.m. Saturday, March 2, at River Park Community Center 301 11th St. N. Free but donations welcome.

2. Rum tasting at 'First Friday on the Deck'

Caribbean Rum Tasting is at the Estero Historical Society from 4-6 p.m. March 1 as part of a “First Friday on the Deck” fundraiser. 9285 Corkscrew Palms Blvd., Estero. $25 for members and $30 for non-members, limited to the first 50 RSVPs. (239) 272-1911 or

Ignored:Tripadvisor snub of SW Florida beaches has us, well, feeling like Glenn Close: Here's why

1. See 'Bus Stop' at The Studio Players

The Studio Players' latest production, "Bus Stop," a drama with romantic and comedic elements, is set in rural Kansas, about 25 miles from Kansas City, Missouri. Shows this weekend are March 1-2, with March 3 sold out. Also see it March 22-23. Tickets $35 online at or 239-398-9192 (no service fees on phone order).

Dave Osborn is the regional features editor of the Naples Daily News and News-Press. Follow him on Instagram and Threads @lacrossewriter and on X (formerly Twitter) @NDN_dosborn.

Naples Botanical Garden Like You’ve Never Seen It

Art of StyleNaples Botanical Garden Like You’ve Never Seen It Guides Best Of Best Brunches ...

Art of Style

Naples Botanical Garden Like You’ve Never Seen It

Seventh South replacing Three60 Market in East Naples

Naples entrepreneur Rebecca Maddox plans to close her Three60 Market on May 1 and allow Seventh South to launch another restaurant and bar at that Bayshore Drive location in East Naples.Although closing the venue that started her local restaurant ventures, Maddox will remain involved with Celebration Park, Rebecca’s and The Maddox, which she co-owns on Bayshore, as well as her growing brand of Three60 Wine shops. She just needed to “retire” from the hands-on attention she devoted to Three60 Market since launching it ...

Naples entrepreneur Rebecca Maddox plans to close her Three60 Market on May 1 and allow Seventh South to launch another restaurant and bar at that Bayshore Drive location in East Naples.

Although closing the venue that started her local restaurant ventures, Maddox will remain involved with Celebration Park, Rebecca’s and The Maddox, which she co-owns on Bayshore, as well as her growing brand of Three60 Wine shops. She just needed to “retire” from the hands-on attention she devoted to Three60 Market since launching it 13 years ago.

“The long and the short of it is I was in my 50s, and now I turned 70,” Maddox said. “I can’t believe I did this for 13 years. So, obviously, I must have liked it. But you just know when it’s time, and it’s time.”

Maddox didn’t want to just close May 1 without letting people know they were closing. She wanted to give her loyal customers a chance to say goodbye to Three60 Market, although she really isn’t going anywhere. Maddox will still own the tin-roofed, appletini green building on Haldeman Creek but she won’t be there on a day-to-day basis.

“For me, it’s definitely a sad thing,” she said. “It’s a very emotional thing for all of us because it was kind of a little community hub.”

Maddox will most miss the people, of course. It wasn’t just a casual connection for her. It meant a lot to her to see people change, mature and share life experiences.

“It was just such a family. We just gelled as a family,” she said. “I don’t know if all the customers realize that—I think a lot of them did, which is why they came back all the time.”

Although Three60’s tomato pie and best darn BLT are fan favorites, don’t necessarily expect to see them migrate to Rebecca’s across the street as a regular menu item, although they possibly could be an occasional special.

“Darren (Veilleux) is the culinary director over at the new venue, so he’ll make that decision,” Maddox said. “There’s not a current plan to bring all the stuff over there now.”

For its last two months, though, Three60 Market will offer a special in honor of its longtime guests who have become friends.

“When we opened, we had wines by the glass for $3, and that was a big draw. So, between now and May 1st, every customer who comes in and they want a glass of wine, we’re going to go back to our $3 pricing to tell them thank you.”

While saddened by the life event, Maddox still will be happy to hand over Three60’s keys to Barry and Carolyn Larkin and their team at Seventh South Food + Drink.

“Barry and Carolyn, I think, will do a great job and help Bayshore a lot, and I’d like that to continue,” she said. “But I also would really like to kind of give everybody a hug and tell them thank you.”

The Larkins know firsthand about the family atmosphere at Three60 Market; that’s how they met Maddox.

“We’ve been regular guests of Rebecca’s for years. We’ve loved going to her place,” Larkin said. “My wife and I do lunch dates all the time there with or without the kids. We just became very good friends with Rebecca, and she heard about our story from us, and just said there might be something we could talk about in the future, and we started chatting. So, it developed into a nice relationship with Rebecca. Our kids come into her restaurant, and they run up to her and give her a big hug and she’s open arms, so it’s been a wonderful relationship we’ve developed with Rebecca. And what she’s done for Bayshore is incredible.”

Larkin is excited about the chance to have a restaurant on the water. Seventh South Waterfront will be the second generation of Seventh South Craft Food + Drink, which he has co-owned since 2020 at 849 Seventh Ave. S., making Yelp’s Top 10 restaurant list in Naples.

Seventh South’s restaurant team includes two managing partners: Executive Chef Jay Schrednitz and General Manager Pal Ladanyi. They hope to launch their new location in six months or so.

Interior work will include three major projects: changing the kitchen, building a wall and removing the existing coffee station, which involves plumbing, he said.

“We’re looking to expand the bar. The bar and kitchen are kind of the focus of our restaurant downtown, and that will be the same there as far as the kitchen and bar collaboration. So, keeping that same theme.”

The chef is working on the menu for the waterfront restaurant.

“Our menus are going to be similar, but it won’t be the exact same,” Larkin said. “We don’t do lunches here at the downtown [location], but we’ll definitely be doing lunches, and then brunches on Saturdays and Sundays is our goal. Then, obviously, the dinners.”

Larkin, also the beverage manager and a resident of Naples for more than 30 years, has a resume with impressive local hospitality roles. He was The Continental’s bar manager for four years when the restaurant opened on Third Street South. He also has worked at The Turtle Club for 11 years and Pewter Mug for seven years.

Although the Larkins’ goal is to continue operating the original location of Seventh South Craft Food + Drink through the 2025 season, the restaurant owners and neighboring commercial tenants know that time is ticking for that Seventh Avenue South building, which eventually will be demolished and redeveloped.

Although the restaurant’s lease at 849 Seventh Ave. S. is up in October 2025, it’s unlikely that the business will complete its lease term. Naples Community Church, which occupies the eastern end of the building, owns the entire building, which it plans to redevelop to expand its sanctuary. The local church has filed plans with the city of Naples to replace the existing building with a new church to expand its space for fellowship, administration and classrooms.

“Right now—and there are several contingencies—we are looking at starting to demolish the building March 1 of 2025. That’s what the schedule shows right now,” said Michael Lyster, president of Naples Community Church’s board of trustees.

Those contingencies include the permitting process, city government approval and the church’s capital campaign for the project. The approval process is expected to take 10 months, Lyster said.

“The big holdup right now will be the capital campaign,” he said.

The church’s redevelopment plans by Naples architect David Corban had their preliminary design review and approval by the city last summer. They still must go before the planning board, City Council and design review board. The restaurant and other tenants have been advised that they will be given a six-month termination notice when the process nears the end.

Built in two phases, the existing building will be demolished in two phases. The western end with the tenants will be demolished first while the church continues to meet in its existing space on the eastern end of the building. After the new fellowship hall, fellowship court, kitchen and offices are built, the church’s congregation temporarily will have services in the new fellowship hall while the existing church is demolished and a new sanctuary is built in the second phase, Lyster said.

Founded in 2006, the nondenominational Naples Community Church moved to its current space in 2009 after holding services in different locations, including a local bank and Naples High School. In 2012, the growing church purchased the Seventh Avenue South building, which originally was a furniture store. The church purchased a lot nearby on Sixth Avenue South in 2021 to provide additional parking.

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