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What is Aging in Place in Florida?

Aging in place is a term used to describe when seniors continue living in the comfort of their homes while they age, for as long as they can.

In addition to enjoying your golden years in the familiarity and comfort of your own home, aging in place allows seniors to maintain their independence with reliable in-home support services in Florida. According to the National Institute on Aging, it is common for seniors to prefer staying at home so they can continue living by their own rules, not the rules of a nursing home or assisted living center.

For many aging adults, the loss of independence that comes with getting older can feel disempowering or like a breach of privacy. In-home care preserves a person’s independence, whether that is when they choose to have their meals, sleeping habits they live by, or simply the freedom to watch a movie whenever they want. Aging in place in Florida allows seniors to benefit from in-home support services, enabling them to stay in a familiar place where they know the location of all their possessions, can have visitors over at whatever time they choose, and aren’t forced to cohabitate with other seniors who may seem like strangers.

Many seniors, especially those who suffer from memory loss or cognitive ability, find solace in staying in the familiarity of their homes. Research has shown that familiar surroundings play an important role in seniors well-being, as moving to a nursing home can trigger anxiety, stress, and a faster rate of health deterioration.

For those seeking in-home support services in Florida, this sense of comfort still does not solve all issues, safety concerns, or living conditions required for seniors. Helping your loved one age in place and maintain a well-rounded life in the residence of his or her choice requires careful planning with your in-home care team to ensure the health, safety, and economic requirements.

When to Start Planning for Aging In Place in Florida

Aging in place refers to when an elderly individual can live in the place of their choice without negatively impacting their quality of life, safety, or overall health. However, the ultimate goal of aging in place should not only be to preserve one’s quality of life but to enhance and make life better if and when it is possible with Mind & Mobility’s in-home support services in Florida, offering alternatives to assisted living.

For most, early planning is crucial for seniors to retire comfortably and with peace of mind. We recommend organizing and implementing proper financial planning as early as possible to avoid putting any financial strain on yourself and/or your family. From the early stages of one’s career, we encourage people of all ages to set a retirement plan and adjust or revise according to changing needs and requirements over time.

Challenges To Aging in Place Well

From maturing into an adult during adolescence to growing your first grey hair during adulthood, aging is a beautiful, natural process everyone experiences, whether we like it or not! It is a fact of life that with the passage of time, people naturally lose the ability to do certain things or find it more challenging to perform ordinary tasks. Although aging is different for everyone, the aging process usually means we require more support from others to carry out our daily routines while maintaining our health and safety. Finding the right in-home support services in Florida can make all the difference in maintaining a fulfilling and independent life.

The most common challenges that seniors face every day can be grouped into three areas:

  • Increased vulnerability to accidents – Older people are typically not as physically fit or as nimble as younger people. This means that as you grow older, the risk of tripping or falling and suffering a severe injury, even in your own home, can be increasingly higher due to Parkinson’s or Dementia. This makes it extremely important that your residence is designed, arranged, or modified to create a safe environment for your loved one. Oftentimes, this increased vulnerability to accidents can be controlled and prevented with the help of in-home support services in Florida – whether that’s a family member or an in-home caregiver who aids with challenging tasks that could be dangerous such as bathing, going down the stairs, and many others.
  • Trouble with cooking and performing other household chores – As we get older, the ability to adequately provide personal care and maintain an optimal level of hygiene greatly reduces. Additionally, the decline in your loved one’s physical ability may prevent him or her from performing daily household activities and chores. Seniors aging in place in Florida may face problems when grooming themselves, taking medicines, preparing meals, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, gardening, or even getting the mail. If you or your loved one needs in-home support services in Florida, we are here to help.
  • Loneliness – Studies show that as their lives become more sedentary, many seniors experience feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is especially true when they live alone without any relatives or caretakers. Studies have also found that elderly individuals who express feelings of loneliness are more susceptible to developing clinical dementia when compared to those who are significantly happier.

Most of these challenges are inevitable, whether you experience them in your fifties or seventies. Knowing in advance how you plan to cater to your loved ones’ needs will allow you to navigate them more successfully as he or she is experiencing them. Thus, it’s important to be prepared to meet any and all challenges brought on by the aging process. At Mind & Mobility, we offer in-home support services in Florida, understanding that it can be tough to balance your own responsibilities as well as care for your loved one full-time.

Our in-home care team, aiding seniors aging in place in Florida, consists of licensed caregivers who are punctual, experienced, and respectful, as well as a strong management team that provides clients with the assistance they need to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own homes.

The Importance of Aging in Place – The Mind & Mobility Solution

In the United States, a large number of senior citizens live in their own homes, either with their spouses or all alone. Many of them struggle to perform the simple everyday tasks required for good health, hygiene, grooming, and mobility. Because of this, their quality of life suffers.

It is therefore widely argued that our community leaders need to focus more on supporting our seniors through in-home support services in Florida and working together with the public and private sectors to ensure that seniors are cared for properly.

What’s more, our population is aging rapidly.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans who are 65 years of age or older is currently about 35 million and is expected to double to 70 million by the year 2030.

Older adults have higher rates of depression when being placed in an institution, and the medical care is seemingly inadequate. Statistics also show that over 80% of adults over the age of fifty say that they prefer to stay in their own home as they age, even if that requires some sort of daily assistance. The current home care agency model is outdated and does not provide sufficient healthcare for older adults who want to remain healthy at home.

That’s where Mind & Mobility’s in-home support services in Florida come in. Our therapists and caregivers use a biopsychosocial approach to in-home care which focuses on maximizing independence, preserving cognitive and physical function. See the full Mind & Mobility Care Centers Method here.

Our dedicated caregivers and therapists at Mind & Mobility have a passion for helping adults live the lives they want and provide quality health care and assistance services for elderly individuals who wish to remain independent and age in place.

Getting Started With In-Home Care for Aging in Place in Florida

When getting started with the in-home support services in Florida required for seniors to age in place, it’s important to consider what type of assistance is needed. Some of the most common day-to-day activities a Mind & Mobility caregiver can help seniors with include:

  • Planning and preparing meals and appropriate nutrition
  • Remembering to take medications, drink fluids, and eat regularly
  • Housekeeping, including help with laundry, making beds, and vacuuming
  • Assistance with shopping, running errands, and transportation to appointments and activities
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting
  • Going for walks, participating in their favorite activities, and engaging in friendly companionship

In addition to our in-home support services in Florida, our in-home therapy services have licensed professionals that treat a wide range of medical diagnoses that can affect day-to-day life, such as balance and mobility, strength and flexibility, dexterity, communication skills, swallowing, and cognitive abilities. For example, some of the diagnoses we treat are:

Many of the challenges of aging in place in Florida that need to be met in order for your loved one to continue living at home involve organizing and preparing adequate finances. For example:

  • Medical Costs––usually one of the biggest concerns aging adults and their families have.
  • Home modification costs for safety and stability.
  • Transportation costs for continued mobility
  • The cost of continuing education and wellness classes to help preserve the mind and body for an active and independent life
  • The cost of legal services to prepare wills, advance directives, and other estate planning tools.

The type of in-home support services in Florida needed will depend on each senior’s set of unique needs and changes that may occur as he or she gets older. We encourage families to identify what’s needed and map out their options from there. It’s important that you are honest in regard to what your loved one and your family can actually afford.

Aging in place doesn’t imply that your loved one needs to be completely self-sufficient. However, to continue living safely and healthily at home, families need to plan for retirement and address the challenges that may be faced in the future before they happen.

Our in-home support services in Florida are covered by medical insurances, long term care policies and private pay. Members are given the opportunity to select their own caregiver, and memberships include unlimited physical and occupational therapy, regular registered nurse visits, and care management from a licensed clinical social worker.

For more information on aging in place in Florida and to find out how our community of experts can assist you with aging at home with comfort and grace, call Mind & Mobility Home Care & Therapy Centers at (800) 650 – 5289, or visit our contact page to request a free consultation.

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