South Florida is among the most rapidly aging areas of the nation and MIND & MOBILITY physical therapists are well equipped to respond when one of our friends or neighbors works to rehabilitate from a stroke.


Stroke is a terrifying affliction for our elderly population. The National Stroke Association maintains that it is the third leading cause of death in America but says that a good rehabilitation program is key to recovery. MIND & MOBILITY deploys its strong rehabilitation program daily – and is well suited to create an effective plan for recovery.

The NSA says that when a senior has a stroke, the amount of rehabilitation and the success of that rehabilitation depends on the amount of damage to the brain, rehabilitation skill, cooperation of family and friend and the timing of the rehabilitation (the earlier, the better chance of success.)

Please call our Intake Coordinator at 800.650.5289 to promptly set an appointment. We want to partner with your physician to quickly set up a plan of rehabilitation for your loved one.

A majority of functional abilities may be restored soon after a stroke, yet recovery remains ongoing. MIND & MOBILITY’S goal is always to enable your loved one to reach the highest possible level of independence and be as productive as possible.

Treatment for Stroke

The level of treatment will depend on the effects of the stroke. Common effects of a stroke is weakness or paralysis on the side of the brain affected by the stroke, stiffness in muscles and painful muscle spasms, problems with balance and coordination.

MIND & MOBILITY possesses an advantage over other home health facilities because of its intense focus and skill in dealing with cognitive abilities and its state of the art outpatient rehabilitation facilities. It is better equipped to treat stroke sufferers who have difficulty understanding speech, have trouble swallowing and have difficulties with daily tasks.