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A client’s Parkinson’s story of in-home care and therapy are not only first-account experiences from the person receiving treatment. Spouses and caretakers have their own Parkinson’s story on how they have been affected. They are also great subjects for speaking on the quality of care their loved one receives, like in the case of our client Terezinha Fonseca-Crumb.

Terezinha’s husband, Richard Crumb, has been a client of Mind & Mobility Home Care Centers for about seven years. Richard lives with advanced Parkinson’s disease and began receiving physical therapy and speech therapy to treat his condition at Mind and Mobility’s outpatient clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Although Terezinha saw great improvement in her husband’s speech and overall well being from outpatient therapy, she still needed assistance at home to maintain her husband’s health. Thankfully, she was able to hire a private-duty caregiver from the same health agency her husband has been visiting for years at Mobility and Mobility.

Coping with Parkinson’s disease is demanding for the caregiver, oftentimes causing a spouse or other loved one to neglect their own work, health, and well being. Spouses of Parkinson’s disease patients, like Terezinha, must know in-home care is offered to help alleviate some of the at-home responsibilities, such as shaving, dressing, and eating so they can live fulfilling and productive lives as well.

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Change your Parkinson’s Story with Mind & Mobility Home Care

Terezinha is a published author who felt she needed to spend her later years pursuing her love of writing. The only way she would have been able to do that is with the help of her husband’s caregiver, Yvana Jadotte. As an author, she had a powerful Parkinson’s Story.

Yvana has made in-home care for Terezinha and her husband not only seamless but a huge relief. Terezinha was concerned with finding a caregiver who was compassionate and experienced in working with patients with Parkinson’s. For this reason, Mind and Mobility paired Richard with Yvana, a kind home health aide experienced in caring for Parkinson’s disease patients.

Richard appreciates Yvana for her patience and looks forward to her arrival every morning. Terezinha says their caregiver brings “new energy” into the home and gives Richard something to look forward to each day. The anticipation of a caregiver’s arrival is extremely beneficial for patients coping with Parkinson’s. It helps stabilize their mood and strengthens their cognitive abilities, qualities that tend to deteriorate as the disease progresses.

Yvana helps Richard get dressed in the morning, take medications, eat meals throughout the day, and even shave. These seemingly small tasks make a huge difference in a patient’s life, and having someone in charge of carrying out these tasks gives the spouse like Yvana a chance to work on a novel, run personal errands, or attend yoga classes three times a week.

Ultimately, Terezinha’s life didn’t need to be compromised because her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A new life began when she discovered Mind & Mobility, and her husband’s health, as well as her own, benefited from it.

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Home care and outpatient therapy services are available in Miami Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. Request your free in-home consultation today by calling 1 (800) 650-5289. We all have a Parkinson’s Story. Mind & Mobility Home Care can make that story better.

We know how difficult is to watch your loved one’s health decline and have to put them in a facility. Your loved one deserves to be safe, healthy and thrive in their home, but navigating the in-home care system is hard.

We get it! If you knew how to navigate the system to keep them at home you would do it, but you don’t so you feel stuck. We can help.

In the last 10 years, Mind & Mobility Home Care has helped over 10,000 seniors remain independent in their homes. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to keep your loved one thriving at home, and with us, it doesn’t have to.

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