Supporting an Elderly Parent can be Difficult

We love our parents so much and we want to care for them, but supporting an elderly parent can be difficult. If caring for your parent in their home is becoming too much, you might suggest to them that they go to an assisted-living facility. However, your parent might resist this idea and they wouldn’t be alone.

This article will give you 3 ideas to keep in mind when deciding on a care plan for an elderly parent.

1) Hear Them Out

Understand where your parents are coming from.

Before you can start negotiating with your parent, you need to do so from a place of empathy. Understand that your parent doesn’t want to feel helpless and may simply feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their comfort zone.

As we get older, we start to lose the autonomy we enjoyed for all of our adult lives. Your parent could be resisting your help because they want to still feel in control.

Instead of getting into arguments, make the process easier on both of you by hearing them out and empathizing with them.

2) Consider an In-Home Caretaker

It’s understandable that you are unable to care for your parent’s needs 24/7. You have your own life, kids to take care of, and a job on top of it all. A great compromise for you both could be an in house caretaker for your parent.

Depending on how much help they need, caregivers can come according to the unique needs of your loved one. From cooking and running errands to assistance with bathing and transportation to medical appointments, your parent is in good hands.

A good caretaker will start to feel like a friend to your parent. They may even grow to enjoy having the extra company around. Plus, you will be able to rest easy knowing their needs are being met.

3) Make Schedules For Them

One of the dangers of getting older is growing more and more forgetful. You may be worried that your elderly parent will forget to take their pills or go to their doctor appointments.

If this is true, you can write out schedules for them to refer to. They’ll be able to check the schedules when they need to know what’s next on their agenda.

This will save you the headache of having to constantly check in or call to remind them to do what they need to do. It will make them happy because they can feel more independent in the comfort of their own home.

Mind & Mobility Home Care can assist your Elderly Parent

It can be hard to know what to do when an elderly parent refuses to go to an assisted living facility. Remember to be patient with your parent. They’re going through a tough transition in their own lives and they need your love and support.

You can rest easy knowing there are other options. With MIND & MOBILITY Home Care, seniors can live comfortably and independently in their homes with the help of in-home caregivers to ensure they are healthy and safe. Additionally, The Center offers a community and fellowship for seniors to receive physical therapy, cognitive therapeutic programs, counseling services, and medical care.

Want to learn more about assisting the elderly and services we provide? Please check them out here.

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