How Seniors Can Age in Place with Mind & Mobility Home Care

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Helping Seniors Age in Place 3

At Mind & Mobility, our mission is to help seniors age in place safely. Our approach to home health services aims to do just that.

Our Management Team

Our centers are managed by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT’s) who understand the importance of multi-disciplinary care. As DPT’s, they are able to coordinate the lifestyle plan that suits each and every one of our clients to help them age in place.

Our Therapy Team

Therapy services are provided in the home or in one of our home care centers. The goal of therapy is to help improve mental, physical, and emotional function to keep seniors doing the things they enjoy. With Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychosocial therapy, and Speech Therapy, we can help our clients with any need they may have. Clients can have therapy services at home or in the clinic.We have now also increased the access to Telehealth therapy for all of our clients and are able to offer it to any who should need it.

Our Caregiver Team

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Helping Seniors Age in Place 4

Our caregivers work closely with the therapy team to help ensure they can provide the best quality care to our clients. We understand that aging in place can get lonely and so, companionship is also important. Our caregivers not only assist in daily activities such as cooking, light cleaning, and bathing, but they also look to engage our clients and brighten their day!

Our Years of Experience

Our company has been in the business of helping seniors age in place for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of seniors across Florida improve their lives by providing them with the Mind & Mobility Home Care lifestyle.

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