Physical therapy is a medical or rehabilitative treatment that uses exercises, equipment, movements, and other activities to help people regain function and movement in their joints after encountering an injury. Physical therapy aims to improve the quality of life of people by reducing pain, improving soft tissue mobilisation, increasing joint strength, and preventing the risks of disabilities. A physical therapist is a health professional who evaluates and provides treatment for joint disorders.

The major responsibilities of physical therapists include the following:

  • Diagnosis of joint or bone issues.
  • Consulting patients to make them aware of their physical conditions.
  • Developing individualised treatment plans for patients.
  • Teaching patients to use the techniques of therapeutic exercises properly.
  • Providing stimulation or massage to the affected areas to promote healing.

The main objective of physical therapy is to help regain the affected joints’ functionality so they can return to normal activity. Physical therapists aid patients in speeding up their recovery or healing processes by providing the required care, consultation and treatments.

Main Purpose of Physical Therapy:

The main focus of physical therapists is to evaluate, assess and treat the abnormal functionalities of bones and joints derived from injuries, disabilities or other medical conditions and help them regain their form and function. 

They examine the affected body parts of each person and then develop a treatment plan to improve their ability to move, reduce pain sensations, and restore their function. Physical therapists also prevent the risks of disabilities. That’s why they have a profound effect on people’s lives.

Reasons Why Physical Therapy Proves To Be Beneficial:

Physical therapy treatment has a multitude of benefits that people can acquire and can cure the dysfunctionalities of their affected joints and bones. In addition to improving the mobility of physical functions, physical therapy also minimizes the risks of future disabilities.

1. Improves Balance and Coordination:

One of the major causes that lead to accidents is the loss of balance or improper coordination, which result in injuries. Physical therapists can accurately assess your balance and stabilize your coordination and musculature. Physical therapists are professionally trained in vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

This physical therapy mainly focuses on the nervous system and specifically on the balance component of the nervous system. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is an exercise-based program that can help in the treatment of various issues, including dizziness, imbalance, fall occurrences, and vertigo.

2. Improves Mobility:

Physical therapists also works with mobility issues. People having trouble moving, walking or standing caused by diseases such as Parkinson’s, should consult a physical therapist. Strengthening and stretching exercises help restore people’s ability to move. By customizing the individualized treatment plan, the physical therapists ensure maximal improvement so that people can carry out their physical activities efficiently. Moreover,  a physical therapist also optimizes an individual’s ability to function within society by introducing them to prevention, wellness and rehabilitation routines.

3. Eliminates or Reduces Pain Sensations:

Manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises such as joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as taping, ultrasound or electrical stimulation can help relieve pain and restore joint and muscle functionalities. Such treatments or therapies also prevent pain from coming back. Physical therapy is a non-invasive approach that effectively treats joint or muscle disorders and enables you to perform your daily activities just like you used to before encountering the injuries.

4. Prevents Vascular Conditions Such as Diabetes:

Physical therapists can help significantly prevent vascular conditions like diabetes. Exercises performed during physical therapy can effectively help control sugar levels in your blood.  Moreover, people who are suffering from diabetes might have problems with sensation in their legs and feet.

Physical therapists can guide or educate such patients about proper foot care to prevent further problems in the future. Moreover, as part of a holistic approach, physical therapy can also help improve vascular and nerve function and aid in managing blood pressure and other health parameters.

5. Treats Age-Related Issues:

Generally, people develop conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis and need a joint replacement as they age. Physical therapists are professionally trained experts in helping patients recover from joint replacement problems and conservatively manage osteoporotic and arthritic conditions.

Moreover, with increased age, issues like bone or muscle disorders need immediate care and treatment; otherwise, they become hard to eliminate. Physical therapy proves to be an effective solution in treating the bone or joint issues of elderly people to a great extent.

6. Helps Recover From Sports Injuries:

Physical therapy also proves to be an effective solution in treating sports-related injuries and is specifically tailored to meet the required needs. Physical therapists certainly understand how sports can increase your risk for specific types of injuries, such as stress, fractures, sprains and joint injuries.

Physical therapists design appropriate recovery plans and prevention exercise programs so that people can resume their sports activities. Moreover, physical therapy is a non-invasive procedure that also provides treatments for orthopaedic conditions and minimises or prevents the risks of severe surgeries in the future. That’s why it is necessary to treat such conditions in the early stages before they become complex to eliminate or treat.


What is The Role of Physical Therapy in Our Lives?

Physical therapists evaluate and diagnose joint-related problems and record patients’ progress. Physical therapists help ill or injured people improve movement and manage pain. Physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation, preventive care and treatment for patients with illnesses, chronic conditions and injuries.

What Are The Common Types of Treatments That Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists work with patients to improve their joint mobility and manage their pain. Physical therapists use various techniques to help their patients, including hands-on therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice/heat treatments, and much more.

Can People From Every Age Group Benefit From Physical Therapy?

People of any age having joint or muscle disorders can benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists are movement experts who can help people with issues like stiffness, pain, disease, injury and rehabilitation after surgery. They can also help people’s mobility and reduce the risks of getting hurt.