South Florida home care agencies offering in-home care, physical therapy, and other services to treat aging adults are only as different as their staff and quality of service. And at Mind and Mobility Home Care Centers, the upbeat nature of the staff and the community center are what fuel the new leadership’s vision for our home care and our clinics.

Dr. Greg Chomko, Doctor of Physical Therapy and former Clinical Director at Mind and Mobility, was recently named the vice president of operations of the fast-growing home care agency.

Prior to joining the Mind & Mobility team, Dr. Chomko specialized in orthopedic physical therapy and often worked with high-level athletes.

For 10 years, he helped people looking to boost their physical performance, but felt he wasn’t living to his fullest potential.

“I found that some of the goals and the value that I was bringing from my professional life to my patients, I wasn’t getting fulfillment from it,” said Dr. Chomko.

This need started as Dr. Chomko began working with older patients who had trouble picking up their grandkids. And after becoming a father, he found his calling in geriatric care.

In his search for a clinic that caters to aging adults, Dr. Chomko discovered Mind & Mobility in Fort Lauderdale. He was not only impressed with the holistic approach to treatment, he liked the clinic’s positive environment.

In August 2018, Dr. Chomko began working as the Clinical Director of Mind & Mobility in Boca Raton. During that time, Chomko provided physical therapy to clients who attended the home care center.

“It’s just making sure that this is not only a great place to work but a great place for people to come.”

Dr. Chomko has extensive experience working with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s patients to improve their posture, mobility, and overall physical wellness. His value was not only in his own ability to serve his clients but his ability to lead the location’s team to provide the same quality treatment across the board. 

This effort to bring joy into clients’ lives has been proven to have significant health benefits in aging adults. In fact, the interactions clients have with home health aides and home care center staff can have a greater impact on an older adult’s health than their interactions with family – which is why maintaining a positive environment is a top priority at Mind & Mobility.

Less than a year later, Dr. Chomko’s vision for his patients and the practice as a whole led him to his current role as the vice president of operations. His focus now is to maintain the experience of staff and clients across all Mind & Mobility clinics to deliver the same positivity he experienced when first-stepping into the clinic.

That’s ultimately what got me in the position that I am in today,” said Chomko. “It’s just making sure that this is not only a great place to work but a great place for people to come.”

South Florida home care and outpatient therapy at Mind & Mobility is offered in Miami Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, so your loved one can get the care they need. Call us at 1 (800) 650-5289 or visit us online to schedule your free in-home care consultation.