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What Social Workers Do

Social Workers perform a broad spectrum of duties ranging from providing support to those faced with difficult situations, emotional stresses, or significant change in their lives to clinically diagnosing emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders in individuals. Not only do they help the individuals cope with the situation at hand, they advocate for them and seek out valuable resources and other means of support for the affected person(s).

Typically, social workers are broken down into two distinct categories: direct service and clinical or “licensed” social worker. Within these two scopes of practice, there are a number of social work positions that focus specifically on a particular population, such us our social workers who are dedicated and well trained to focus on working with the elderly population.

Our social workers can provide:

  • Psychiatric rehabilitation, also known as psychosocial rehabilitation, and sometimes simplified to psych rehab by providers, is the process of restoration of community functioning and well-being of an individual diagnosed in mental health or mental or emotional disorder and who may be considered to have a psychiatric disability.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychosocial intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for improving mental health. Guided by empirical research, CBT focuses on the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems and changing unhelpful patterns in cognitions (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes), behaviors, and emotional regulation. It was originally designed to treat depression, and is now used for a number of mental health conditions.
  • Care management is a set of activities intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care, eliminate duplication, and helping patients and care.

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