occupational therapy


For MIND & MOBILITY’s highly trained and compassionate occupational therapists, getting our senior friends strong and vibrant in their homes again through occupational therapy for seniors is: JOB 1. In fact, the role of occupational therapists is paramount to the success of our clients.

Our occupational therapists work diligently with our seniors after they’ve been impacted by memory loss, injury or illness. As advocates for elder care, we work tirelessly to help seniors maintain their independence in their homes. Our “O-T’s” engage in promoting self-reliance for our clients by offering occupational therapy at home in Florida. This effort means addressing their physical challenges or limitations, so they may return to a normal home life. Our team helps provide the tools that will help our elderly cook, feed themselves, and groom themselves. We develop an understanding of what a senior is capable of and form an action plan based on that foundation.

Brain Gym

Our occupational therapy at home in Florida includes a computer-based “brain gym”, a tool that few outpatient facilities have. This tool is key for our clients as we discover that they are in the early stages of memory loss. Our therapists use this cognitive tool and others to measure a patient’s cognitive ability and address any opportunities for improvement. We can also help our clients create a safer home environment, again, to help them maintain their home independence.

If you understand your loved one’s need for our occupational therapy for seniors, call us immediately at 800.650.5289 or Contact Us at our Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach, FL Centers. Our first visit is free, which is valued at $150.

MIND & MOBILITY’s occupational therapy at home in Florida, while beneficial to all ages, is extraordinarily helpful to South Florida elderly residents who daily face physical, psychological or mental challenges. Our MIND & MOBILITY therapists work with our seniors and the remainder of our caregiver team to work on a plan which helps achieve the goals most important to our seniors. Help us help your loved one redesign their life and stay independent in their home, sweet home, longer!

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