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Orthopedic Injuries/Impairments

MIND & MOBILITY therapists know that aging doesn’t hand the senior population many favors. Arthritis, osteoporosis, cognitive issues and many other afflictions contribute to falls, broken hips and trips to the hospital for surgery or to the emergency room. And our therapists are certainly well equipped to rehabilitate our valued seniors post-surgery.

If your loved one has had an orthopedic injury, whether it be an ankle sprain, an injured back or knee that doesn’t require surgery, rehabilitation is still a smart move. Our therapists can work with your physician to determine the appropriate time for healing, while creating a plan for therapy.

Please call 800.650.5289 and speak with our intake coordinators to arrange a time for a free consultation or to ask questions relating to your loved one’s care.

According to American Senior Communities, estimates that by the year 2030, some 3.4 million people in the U.S. will undergo knee replacement surgery and 500,000 will have hip replacements. Other prominent surgeries are shoulder replacement and spinal surgery. For our elderly residents of South Florida, an effective outpatient rehabilitation program and often a private duty program will be essential to stay independent in one’s home longer.

It is vitally important that your parent adhere to the physical therapist’s regimen and those of MIND & MOBILITY at our state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers. Your loved one needs to be aware of any “weight-bearing restrictions,” or he or she would be at more risk for further injury. A physical therapist is the safest and most reliable for your parent to do the proper exercises, walk correctly and not overwork any particular muscle group.

You, as the caretaker for your parent, should ask plenty of questions, especially if you notice a change in their behavior. Sometimes, you may notice that your loved one seems depressed, is not doing prescribed exercises or has a loss of appetite. Partner with your MIND AND MOBILITY team member to help ensure the very best outcome for that special someone!