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Balance & Gait Disturbances

The caring and professional staff with MIND & MOBILITY Home Cares have a “balanced” treatment approach in dealing with these types of gait disturbances. We understand that usual aging, reaction to medications, cognitive impairments, surgeries and other factors can lead to challenges for your loved ones. Yet, we also have partnered with seniors to mitigate these factors, that can limit falls and keep mom or dad or that special someone vital in their home longer!

Motion. Motion. Motion.

The importance of this decisive action never changes, especially as we work to age in place. A prompt and accurate diagnosis and follow up treatment by MIND & MOBILITY staff can lead to significant improvements in strength and flexibility. Call our caring intake team for a free consultation at 1.800.650.5289. Our first visit (a $150 value) is free and you may choose your Private Duty caregiver, as he or she partners with your loved one for a return to one’s former self.

Our highly trained physical therapists regularly work with seniors who have a limited range of motion, limp, walk slowly with short steps and just can’t bear full weight. This is often linked to degenerative joint disease and/or trauma. The good news is that we work tirelessly to help mom or dad strengthen the muscles around the affected joint(s) and it doesn’t take long for the strength to return, with a significantly greater range of mobility.

We often deal with clients who walk with arms and legs abducted and move much more slowly than they are used to. Sometimes, our seniors upon intake stagger more than walk. Yet, these symptoms are recognizable and your MIND & MOBILITY home care experts bring a wealth of training and experience to get your loved one back in the game – and living far more independently in their homes than they were.