In 2005 the AARP conducted a survey that showed 89 percent of people 50 years of age or overstated they would like to stay in their home as they age indefinitely. The fact is, aging at home is a trend that’s growing in popularity.

While there are countless assisted living facilities and nursing homes across the country, many older Americans still want to stay at the home they have always lived in.

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Living at Home can be Safer

Home is where you feel safe and secure. There are good reasons for this. One of the biggest benefits offered by aging at home is that it’s a safe and healthy option for seniors, even those with medical or mobility issues.

Nursing homes are often overcrowded and full of people with a wide array of physical disabilities. As a result, the amount of care and attention provided by the staff is often limited.

Also, due to a large number of people, all at different levels of health, the facilities are full of germs – this is the last thing seniors need to be exposed to on a constant basis. Unfortunately, sickness and diseases are often notorious with so many people living together in such close quarters.

As a person ages, their immune system becomes weaker. This increases their risk of infection. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes expose seniors to germs and sickness that could have been easily avoided if they remained in their own home.

The Ability to Remain Independent

When you are growing up there’s nothing quite as amazing as that first feeling of being independent. The realization that you can do things by yourself without anyone’s help is a great one.

Self-sufficiency and freedom are an essential part of maintaining both emotional and mental health for seniors. When they age in place they have the ability to hold onto this sense of independence.

Ability to Stay Comfortable

The old saying goes, “there’s no place like home!” There’s no question that Mary Shelley had it right when she stated that there is nothing more painful to the mind as a sudden or great change.

You develop a deep connection with places in your life. If you suddenly have to leave the familiarity of a home you have lived in for years it can be stressful and jarring – especially for older individuals.

If a senior goes into a nursing home or assisted living facility they no longer have the comforts of home and they may have to adjust their entire lives to fit a new schedule. This isn’t comfortable for them and can actually result in serious emotional and mental stress that winds up being detrimental to their physical health.

Today, there are countless products available to help seniors remain in their own homes and safe. This ensures the home they love grows with them and meets their ever-evolving needs.

Aging at Home: Is it the Right Option?

Is aging at home right for you or a senior loved one? There are pros and cons of nursing homes, as well as staying at home. This is a decision that seniors along with their families have to make for themselves.

Remember, there’s also in-home health care services that can help ensure you or your loved one can remain in their home and still get help when needed. Visit the MIND & MOBILITY site to learn more about in-home care services and the benefits they offer.