Those caretakers who must do research on the cost of a nursing home or assisted living center often feel powerless when they realize that it’s very possible that their mom or dad could lose their home just to pay for it. The home that they may have grown up in, which they’ve built so many memories with their parents in.

Yet, as they do their research, they also may discover some hope. Could there be a way for his or her parent(s) to actually stay home and receive quality care, without having to painstakingly put the home up for sale?

MIND & MOBILITY Home Care Center’s revolutionary system of home care in South Florida has been just the shot in the arm that hard-working families need. The list of satisfied clients and caregivers is on the rise because their in-home care provides families the confidence and peace knowing mom or dad will be comfortable while receiving personalized, compassionate and professional care. All this without having to sign over mom or dad and profits from a home over to a cold, profit-obsessed nursing home or assisted living center. One of the ways MIND & MOBILITY distinguishes itself is by allowing a care receiver to actually choose who his or her caregiver is.  Mature adults strongly favor this approach, as opposed to seeing new faces in a new environment each and every day.

92% of all home care candidates prefer to stay at home, but many are not aware that this option exists. When mom or dad has a professional aide in the home, they are available to assist with personal care, like help with bathing, washing hair, shaving or getting dressed.  While they may need some assistance, this is still most preferable to often impersonal care that they may receive outside of the home. In fact, there is a direct correlation between home care and hospital readmissions. This can result in billions of dollars of savings to the healthcare system.

Since mature adults maybe aren’t moving quite as well (we have physical therapists to help remedy this), our home care aides can often help with cleaning the house, laundry and even yard work. Again, at home. And MIND & MOBILITY caregivers assist with cooking that nice meal at home, shopping, picking up medications or delivering meals.

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