A stressed-out family member has some tough choices when she decides where to put mom: Nursing home or assisted living or inpatient rehab? Home health maybe?

For a significant number of relieved South Florida caregivers, Home Health and Private Duty move from a “maybe” to a “most definitely.”

At MIND & MOBILITY’S West Palm Beach Grand Opening last November 8, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio provided the audience an account of when her mother received institutional care, in an assisted living facility. After a short time at the venue, Mayor Muoio noted the significant deterioration of her mother during her brief stay (watch video link here). The long-time mayor said that she then made arrangements for home care, and experienced joy and relief in seeing her mother flourish while getting stronger and healthier in her own home, with a skilled and caring home health aide.

MIND & MOBILITY Home Care Centers therapists hear this same tune played repeatedly. At MIND & MOBILITY, care receivers have the opportunity to SELECT THEIR CAREGIVER.  This is critical to the success of a client aging in place at home.  This bond between the two becomes very meaningful, as trust grows. The opportunity then improves for mom to become stronger and happier at home.  She’s not subjected to constant interruptions from unfamiliar people, with most of her time being spent in a small room with constant traffic moving past her doorway.  At home, everything is familiar, from where she sleeps to where she enjoys her hobbies to where she keeps her belongings. To be removed from that environment is an immediate Strike One in living a healthy, independent life.

Here’s a list brief list of offerings that will keep mom at home where her heart is:

  • Personal care & hygiene
  • Fall prevention & safety
  • Housekeeping & laundry
  • Companionship
  • Shopping & errands

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