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Vertigo | Dizziness Rehab

Vertigo is the sensation of feeling off balance or of losing your balance. Dizziness is a more general condition that can include vertigo as well as other similar conditions. You can experience dizziness or vertigo when a “disconnect” occurs between your vision tracking systems and your inner ear. You can experience these conditions at the same time or independently.

Why Do People Suffer From Dizziness and Vertigo?

 It is believed that vertigo can happen if the tiny crystals that are in your inner ear become dislodged. When these crystals are displaced it can lead to extreme disorientation whenever you move your head. Vertigo is also sometimes associated with inner ear problems. Meniere’s disease is a type of inner ear disorder that is related to the volume of fluid inside the ear.

There are several medical conditions or events that can cause dizziness or vertigo. A head injury is often the most obvious. Migraine headaches, strokes, and multiple sclerosis are sometimes the cause. Medications or even lying down for an extended period of time can also cause this condition.

What are the Primary Symptoms?

Think about the last time you felt dizzy. It probably involved feeling disoriented along with clumsiness or stumbling. You may have felt a whirling or spinning sensation or even had difficulty focusing on objects or words.

When suffering from vertigo you may have many of these symptoms while also feeling like you’re being shaken or spun around. These types of sensations can make it very difficult to move and concentrate. In some cases driving or performing simple tasks may not be realistic.

How Can Vestibular Therapy Help?

Vestibular therapy is a specific kind of physical therapy that is geared to inner ear disorders. There are several steps our experienced staff will take to help treat and eliminate the symptoms of dizziness or vertigo. It’s important to determine exactly how your balance and movement is being affected in order to provide the best treatment possible.

A few of the factors that will be evaluated include balance, reflexes, leg strength, and overall habits of movement. This will allow our highly trained staff to create an individualized treatment plan for you. Simple adjustments many times provide instant relief. These gentle head movements are designed to dislodge crystals if your problem is vertigo, or simply reorient your senses when the condition involves general dizziness. Sometimes one or two treatment sessions can solve the problem.

If additional treatment is needed, balance and coordination exercises will also be part of your vestibular therapy program. This specialized training is created to give you the confidence you need to be able to move without stumbling or falling. This treatment can also decrease the symptoms of dizziness or vertigo. Our physical therapist will teach you how to maintain this ability on your own which will greatly reduce the risk of injury if future episodes of dizziness or vertigo occur.

Our highly trained physical therapists have years of training in movement and balance analysis. Call or come in today to make an appointment for a free balance and fall prevention screening with our vestibular therapy specialists.