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Mind & Mobility Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care

MIND & MOBILITY Alzheimer’s Care providers take prompt and decisive action to slow the progress of any form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton & Miami, FL. When your loved one is in our care, our “Brain Gym” computerized diagnostic tool allows us to measure thought, memory, and language. Moreover, during our physical therapy regimen, our clients are tested cognitively to challenge them.

MIND & MOBILITY’S mission-driven goal is to help our seniors stay in their homes, healthy and strong longer by providing quality Alzheimer’s care. Whether our private duty care providers come into a loved one’s home or visit our state-of-the-art outpatient facilities, you can be assured that we are your advocate for a healthier lifestyle. CALL OUR intake physical therapists immediately to learn more about our vital assessment tools. We work with all insurances and even provide the first hour of care for free, as your loved one becomes acquainted with his or her caregiver. (We allow our clients to choose their own caregiver!)

Particularly in South Florida, the percentage of our 7 million-plus residents with some type of dementia rises each and every day. Deeply concerned sons or daughters or siblings don’t know what to do or how to manage this situation, as they have busy lives themselves. We understand this predicament and brings vast amounts of experience to the table. We are not in the babysitting business, we are in the INDEPENDENT LIVING business! We work to gently, kindly challenge your loved ones as we wage the battle against Alzheimer’s and dementia, as we know that their staying home is where their heart is.

According to the Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute, one study indicated that people ages 75-84 who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are 2.5 times more likely to die than those without the disease and that risk doubles after age 85.

That is why family caretakers require the highly professionally trained staff with MIND & MOBILITY in their corner. It’s highly disconcerting to see mom or dad struggling mentally and physically. Unlike many other Alzheimer’s Care entities, MIND & MOBILITY engages our beloved clients with a revitalizing program, that makes a positive difference in their lives, and very likely yours! Adapting one’s lifestyle due to a neurological disease or injury is important. Our focus is on working with you to determine appropriate modifications to your daily activities and routines that will allow you the greatest independence. Many common actions such as reaching, bending down, getting up from a low chair can all be improved upon with the right therapy.

Alzheimer’s patients can improve their function and safety

People suffering from neurological disease and injuries typically have a higher tendency for falls or injuring themselves. Imagine if you trip and fall. Can you react quickly enough to protect yourself? In addition, common actions such as getting up from a chair or low surface, kneeling to the floor, getting out of the car, can become difficult and even dangerous.

These are common areas of concern we address and work closely with you to improve. Our treatments will help you move better, safer and with greater strength.

No easy answers exist in dealing with Alzheimer’s as it is a degenerative disease.  Yet by adhering to MIND & MOBILITY Alzheimer’s care plan of action, clients have a chance to remain independent in their homes longer. FIND OUT with MIND & MOBILITY’S intake coordinators how your loved ones can stay independent in their homes longer, by calling NOW.  MIND & MOBILITY works with all insurances and in fact, the first home visit is FREE.

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