I was referred to this agency by the nursing home facility where my mother resides. I was looking to find some home-care service to have someone keep my mother active and more importantly, for me, to keep her company because my mom likes to have companionship and someone to talk to. I also needed someone who spoke fluent Spanish since my mom does not speak any English. I called Mind & Mobility and spoke to Pamela. She was very professional, asked me several questions about my mother and within 48 hours, she had sent someone over so that my mom and I could meet her. She has been a God-send. My mother immediately took a liking to her and loves spending time with her. Even the nursing home staff told me they’ve noticed an improvement in my mom’s attitude – she’s much happier and doesn’t cry as much. I want to thank Mind & Mobility for their professionalism and most importantly, their caring attitude. I would highly recommend them.